Features of FMWhatsApp – What You Should Know Before Using


People are always demanding more from an app as old as WhatsApp. Without customization and features to help you stalk a friend or an ex, WhatsApp leaves more to be desired, and that’s what’s best in fmwhatsapp. and Fouad WhatsApp. Just like the original, you can text and call and send files to each other, but with FM WhatsApp, you can also customize your interface and chat screen and go incognito and watch your friends’ deleted stories. FM WhatsApp offers what the original can’t.

Features Of FM Whatsapp

Freeze your last seen

In the original app, you can hide your last seen if you don’t want others to stalk you through WhatsApp, but you can’t see others’ last seen either, whether or not they turned on theirs, preventing you from creeping on their accounts. FMWhatsApp is different, though.With FM WhatsApp, you can creep on your friends, but they can’t creep on you. You can hide your last seen from prying eyes with FM WhatsApp and still see others’ last seen.

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp

Ever wanted to creep on others even more? Well, what about viewing their stories without them knowing? If so, FM WhatsApp has got the feature for you!While it would be pretty creepy, I understand wanting to watch the story of someone you’re ghosting without them knowing you watched it. With this in mind, hiding your view status with FM WhatsApp is the way to go.

Hide delivered and blueTick

Sometimes we get too busy to reply immediately and accidentally leave your friends on seen. This causes lots of problems and may even break a friendship if done too much. Or maybe you just like ghosting people. Either way, hiding your blue tick is essential for you and FM WhatsApp will be perfect. The blue tick won’t show on your friends’ app until you’ve replied to them, meaning you can just scroll through your text without being pressured to reply.

Hide typing and recording action text

Have you ever just looked at your keyboard, not knowing how to reply? And then become embarrassed when you realize that the messenger app has shown that you’ve been typing for an embarrassingly long amount of time? Well, with FM WhatsApp, you can stop being embarrassed!

FM WhatsApp allows you to hide the indicator that you’re typing or recording audio, so you don’t have to worry about taking too long to type a reply.

Message a number without saving any contact

If you’re not really into making more friends but still need to send a text to that guy that owes you money, you can now choose not to save their contact!

Unlike Fouad WhatsApp, the FM WhatsApp will help you send a text without saving the person’s number so you don’t have to go and delete it after sending that one text. Quite a good feature for those who aren’t really friendly and don’t want to talk to many people.

Disable forwarded tag on messages

With this feature, you can now hide your lack of originality! With the original WhatsApp, if you forward a message, the app will indicate to others that it was forwarded and exposes your unoriginal self, but with FM WhatsApp, you can forward as many cool phrases as you want without being called out! Now go and forward those cool messages and be the cool person that you’re not!

Choose who can call you 

This is best for ghosting, as you can now choose which contacts can call you and which cannot. Quite a nice feature especially with that friend who has a really irritating voice, you know?

Anti-Delete status and messages

Another way to creep on others is to still see the stories they’ve already deleted. FM WhatsApp makes it so you still see the stories and statuses that other’s have deleted and maybe use it for blackmail. 

It’s not restricted to stories and statuses, though. If your friend deleted a message because it was sent to the wrong person, or the text was too embarrassing, you can still see it. Useful to embarrass your friend and for more blackmail material.


Tired of the same, old, boring, theme? Or that stiff and proper font WhatsApp has. Whatever your complaint, FM WhatsApp can deal with it. With choices like themes and wallpapers, fonts and even change the interface. With this variety of customizing options, you can design your WhatsApp however you want, and the best thing? It’s all free.


This app does not come with a complicated set of instructions so if you are familiar with using the email program, it should be very simple to install and use. There may be certain requirements to add your contacts and certain messages to the app, but overall this shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Setup the Kodi App – Kodi Addons

setup kodi

Most of us know how to setup Kodi but there are some parts of it that we might not be sure about. What is a Kodi addon and why do we need it? Are they legal? Why not use Google Chrome instead?

Kodi stands for kodi addons. It is a software program that allows you to install several add-ons in your browser. Most users are familiar with this program as it is one of the most popular streaming media websites in the world. If you want to know how to setup the Kodi app, then read on for more information.

Before you go through any addons to get started with Kodi, you will want to set up your computer to download these files. This can be done by using the software utility provided by the Kodi website or by downloading software from the Internet. There are many different programs you can use for this, so take some time to look around before making a choice. You can also read in detail about kodi on kodivedia download.

After Downloading Kodi – How To Set Up

Once you have downloaded the Kodi software and have the operating system installed, you will be ready to make your first addon. Once you find an addon you want to try out, then click on the add-on tab. This will take you to the Add-on Manager.

The Add-on Manager will provide you with a list of all the different Kodi addons that you can install in your browser. Click on the one that you want to use. This will give you the option to select the add-on, then click on the “Play” button.

After the addon starts playing, you can see the add-on in action in the browser. You will see it in the sidebar, next to the “Add-on Manager” option. After this, you can remove it if you are not satisfied with it. In fact, you might want to uninstall some of them because you might be getting some bugs with them that you are not getting from the official Kodi website.

You will now need to decide which one you want to use to run the add-ons in Kodi. If you have no problems with that one, you can just click on the run button.If the addon did not start working correctly, then you will need to uninstall it and then install Kodi again. In this case, go to the website to see if any of the add-ons works again. If not, then you need to download a new addon and start from there.

After you have installed the addon, you will need to sign up for the Kodi subscription. Most websites offer this service for free, but you may also be able to get it for free. In either case, this step is very easy.

Once you have signed up, you will need to log in and then find your add-ons. tab in the Kodi website. Then, click on them to find out what they do.Once you have found a new addon that you want to use, click on it to open it. This will take you to the add-on menu in Kodi, where you will see what settings the addon has.

What Next?

You can edit some settings that you may not have known about the addon if you do not know how to do so with the Kodi program. The most important thing that you need to know is the name of the addon. This is often known as the title.

Next, change the name of the addon and click on ok. This will replace the old addon with the new one and the icon with the same name that you are using. Finally, click on the play button. You are ready to enjoy watching movies on your Kodi. You can click on best kodi add-ons download to get the best kodi addons.


Kodi in its very core and basic form is legal. The fact that this open-source software is still here and being supported by a huge community says a lot about its integrity. It is as legitimate as any web browser that you know and currently using.

The notion that the app is illegal because it is being used as a platform to deliver pirated content is wildly being misinterpreted. As mentioned earlier, Kodi comes as a software and as a multimedia box. You are the one to decide to put and play any media content on this software as much as you like.But if a user decides to distribute his personal collection of copyrighted videos and music through the app, then that turns it into a different story. Like what we have said, the appis as legal as any web browser. That means as long as you use your web browser to visit legal sites like Netflix to watch TV shows, then that is legal. But you can also use your web browser to stream pirated videos, and that puts you in control of your decision.…

Who Are Property Appraisers?

Property Appraisers are involved in the entire process of appraising a certain property or real estate. These individuals play a big role in the value of real estate.

A property appraiser is responsible for the valuation of a certain property by taking into account several factors that are important when looking at how much a property is worth. It is because of this reason why a property appraiser will also be the person responsible in determining a cost of a particular property. The appraiser has to assess how much the property is worth before it can be sold. There are certain items that an appraiser has to look into before a certain property can be sold. Check property appraisers usa and alachua county property appraiser.

What You Needed To Know

The first thing that is needed in determining a cost of a property is to determine if the value of the property is enough. When it comes to determining how much a certain property is worth, it is necessary that the value of the property is equal to or greater than what is listed on the title. Once the title has been checked, the appraiser will have to check other factors to determine the value of the property. These things include the type of material used in construction of the house and other things that are included in the structure. The appraiser also has to look into other things such as the location of the home, its condition, the amount of space that is available for use, the quality of the roof and many more.

If you want to get the best result when it comes to determining the value of a certain property, then it is important that you hire the right person for the job. This is because some people are not qualified to do the job. An experienced person is important when it comes to determining the value of a certain property.

There are also a lot of people that are not aware about the services that Property Appraisers can offer to them. They may think that they cannot afford to hire a property appraiser if they cannot afford to pay for it. However, there are certain ways that you can save money if you hire the right person for your needs. Since Property Appraisers can provide an estimate for the property that they will be appraising, they are able to make sure that they are getting the correct amount of value of the property.

In conclusion, it is very important that you hire the right person for your needs, especially if you want to be able to have the best deal for your money. If you want to get the best value for your money, then you have to hire a professional. This is why you need to know what these individuals are capable of and the services that they can offer to you. You need to find the right person in order to get the most accurate value of the property.

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ICICI Customer Care – Phone Number | eMail | Toll Free No

When we encounter a banking related problem, the best thing to do is contacting the customer care. You know it, don’t you? That’s why you are here, searching for ICICI customer care numbers.

icici bank logo

When we consider the assets, It is the second largest bank in India. The headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra and it has a registered office in Vadodara. Here in this page, you will find all the helpline numbers and email IDs of this bank.

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India aka ICICI is one of the most popular banks in India. They have a hub of 4400+ branches, 14000+ ATMs and, the bank is operating in about 20 countries.

Here in this page, i have provided multiple ICICI support numbers along with their email address. You can choose and use any of them to get your problem solved.

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ICICI Customer Care Toll-Free Numbers

You can use their toll-free number to solve any of your queries or problems. Dial any of the numbers given below.

  • 1800 102 4242
  • 1800 103 8181

The first number is for retail banking whereas the second number is dedicated for those who face issues with wealth or private banking. It is obvious that you won’t be charged for your call.

Make sure you make the call on a weekday. Your call will be returned with no replies on weekends. You must care about the timing as well. The working time is between 9 AM and 7 PM.

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ICICI Customer Care Email IDs

If you want to attach a document or an image, depicting your issue, you can email them. I have got two email addresses. Better you send both.

  • care@icicibank.com
  • headprivatebanking@icicibank.com

So, you have got both customer care number and email address. First, dial the numbers.

In case your issue doesn’t get solved, you can use the emails. Hope you find this page useful, thanks for reading have an awesome day.…

Flipkart Customer Care – Phone Number | eMail | Toll Free No

Do you want to contact Flipkart customer care but are having trouble finding their contact details? Well, don’t worry, Here in this page, we have shared every working method for contacting their customer support so that you can get your issue fixed as soon as possible.

flipkart blue image

Flipkart is India’s first and the biggest e-commerce company founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, both alumni of IIT Delhi. It was primarily established with an objective to sell books only, but then they started selling electronic items, Clothing, Footwear, Perfumes, Glasses, Accessories and much more. Below you can find the contact details of this company.

Pro Tip: If you need quick help then tweet with #flipkart (hashtag) on Twitter, Doing This can solve your problem very fast.

Flipkart Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 1800-420-1111 /1800-208-9898

You may have a query about any product or item shown on their website or if you have bought something from there and the product delivered to you was either not up to your expectations or damaged, fake, etc. In these cases, you can contact the customer support team and raise your complaint by asking for replacement or refund.

The Customer Support Team will fully assist you. There will be no charge for the calls you make on any of these numbers as they both are toll-free. You can call the above number 24×7 365 days.

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Flipkart Helpline Desk Number (not toll-free): 0124-615-0000

This is the flipkart customer care number which works all the time. If you have any query regarding a product or wanna know the status of your order or status of your registered complaint, etc. you can call this helpline phone numbers.

Flipkart Suggestions Number: 1800-1080-1800

If you can’t decide the best suitable product for yourself, You can call this number to get an expert advice from a shopping expert.

You can also visit their official website or download Flipkart app on your phone to raise a claim by yourself. There are multiple forms of communication by which you can contact their customer service department. I have tried my best to mention every single method on this page, I hope you find this useful.

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Do you have any query or complaint about e-Gift vouchers? Then Send an eMail  to: egvmarketing@flipkart.com

Official Flipkart Customer Care Email IDs

  • Official Default Email for Support: cs@flipkart.com
  • Get information about authors and distributors: vendor@flipkart.com
  • Want information about doing business with Flipkart?: business@flipkart.com

Important Links and References

  • Official Website: https://www.flipkart.com
  • Customer Support Page: http://www.flipkart.com/helpcentre
  • FAQ’s Page: http://www.flipkart.com/s/help

Note: If you found any of these numbers aren’t working, please drop a comment below we will update the page as soon as possible.

Vodafone Customer Care – Phone Number | eMail | Toll Free No

You can check Vodafone Customer Care Contact Numbers and Email IDs from this page. Vodafone is the second largest telecom operator in the World. With more than 400 million customers around the globe, it really is ruling the mobile network world.

vodafone image

But things get the worst when you face issues with your telecom operator. What if you don’t have their number? It really becomes a menace. That’s why I am here with Vodafone customer helpline numbers. The company not only provides mobile services but fixed line and internet services also, you will find the support helpline number for all those services on this page.

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It is true that Vodafone has different numbers for different areas. Still, you can make use of the nation-wide numbers, which I am going to give you. I hope you have a Vodafone SIM card. You can use the following two numbers for queries related to mobile network services.

Vodafone Customer Care Number: 111

Whenever you face any issues with Vodafone network, you can contact their customer support. Once you dial the number, you will be asked to make a choice. If talking to a customer care executive is what you want, you have to wait for the right option to press the button.

No, the calls to 111 aren’t free. You have to pay 50 paise per minute. Comparing with Airtel’s customer care call charges (50 paise per three minutes), it is expensive.

Vodafone Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 198

What if you don’t want to pay anything to get customer service from them? Well, you can go for toll-free customer support number, which is 198.

Vodafone Broadband Support Number: 19071907

If you are using their broadband service, then the numbers I gave above are of no use. 19071907 is what you want here. Yeah, you can call this number and avail the support even using a landline.

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Alternative Number If You Are Calling from Any Other Phone: +91 9885098850

The number I gave at first applies to people who have a Vodafone connection only. In case you want to call from another network to get support for Vodafone Service then you can use the number mentioned above.

Don’t forget to save these numbers. You can use them later.…