Easy Steps to Login to centurylink router

centurylink router

This article will serve as your friendly guide in trying to access your centurylink router login. When you get there, you’ll have exposure to a number of network tools for a safe and stable network. 

How To Log In

We wanted to make it is for you. The default password for CenturyLink router is 1234. Below are the steps that you need to follow to router log in:

  1. Using your WiFi or an Ethernet cable, connect to your Century Link network.
  2. Go to the CenturyLink router login address: on your browser window.
  3. You should find a CenturyLink login screen. You will see the admin username and password on a sticker attached to your modem.
  4. Choose Advanced Setup to change the password. Hit Administrator Password on the left-hand menu. Type in the new password, retype it and save to finish
  5. Now that your router is stable, your network is now in its best condition.

Forgot password?

Many times a person will try to reset CenturyLink router login password because they can no longer access their modem. The reason why they cannot connect is that the password for their modem has been changed. When a user logs in they have to type in their username and password that’s in their CenturyLink router control panel. To change a password, the user can do so either on the router control panel or by using the command console on the computer that they are using. 

How Do I Reset

To reset CenturyLink Router Login password the user must first find the modem’s serial number and then plug in the modem into the back of their computer and then type the command in to get into the modem control panel. Once you get into the modem control panel, it is a good idea to open the password section where you can find your password. When you do this type in the password that you want to change on the password reset button that’s located in the reset section of the modem. A new password will be generated for your modem. After you have typed in the new password, you should then select enter to reboot the router.

After rebooting your router you should see that your username and password have been replaced by the new ones for your CenturyLink Router Control Panel. If you are still having problems after rebooting your modem then you should consider purchasing a new modem to fix any problems that may be related to the modem.

Troubleshooting login problems

You may experience problems upon trying to log in to the Control Center. Let’s say you are aware that you are entering the correct username and password, but still keeps seeing an error message, or if you put in your login credentials, but the Login button turns out to be not clickable or is grayed out. These problems can, of course, be solved.
You can retrieve your username and password if you’ve forgotten your login details. (If necessary, you can reset your password. If you are sure the username and password are right, the reason might be because of how you type in the credentials. Consider the following:

  1. Copying and pasting your username or password. Sometimes, you need to manually encode the login credentials because that could be the root cause of why you’re having issues logging in. When a username and password is just copied and pasted, there might be some extra spaces included and inserted as part of the login details. With an extra character, or space, the system would not recognize the username/password, and you see an error message. If this is the problem you’re having, manually typing in your username and password should fix it.
  2. Being dependent on your browser to automatically enter your password using stored information. Unlike in any routers, saved passwords usually don’t work with our systems. We suggest manually typing in your Control Center password, rather than expecting your browser to retrieve it.
    For some users, the system by default adds @control.centurylink.com to the end of their username. For instance, if your username is johnbrown, the system would make it to be johnbrown@control.centurylink.com. If you experience this with your username, do not remove the @control.centurylink.com. It is essential for the login process. Note: If you’re ever prompted to give your username, encode the information before the @ sign. For example, johnbrown.

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