Goibibo Extranet (InGoibibo) – Everything You Need To Know

Read this page to learn everything about InGoibibo (Formerly known as Goibibo Extranet). Find out how to add your property to GoIbibo and How to use this platform as well as learn why hotel owners should take this platform.

goibibo extranet

GoIbibo Extranet is not the same network as you may expect. You may know names of many extranet networks, which allow you add your hotel or any other property to their network. Unlike those, this network doesn’t give you the complete access to the core. Here you can only do what you are supposed to. This makes your work easy, thus now you can focus on your main business.

What is an Extranet?: An extranet is commonly used by businesses to safely exchange data over the web. In this article, you are going to read about Goibibo extranet.

GoIbibo Extranet or InGoibibo

Update: Goibibo extranet was recently renamed as In-Goibibo. Their service is still the same. However, the site URL have changed. Now you can add your hotels or property to goibibo.com by going to https://in.goibibo.com/.

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What is Goibibo Extranet

Goibibo started extranet to collaborate with businesses. The first venture that got the opportunity to use this service was Axisrooms; the platform for hotel owners to manage pricing and inventory.

Being a hotel management system, Axisrooms needs to be in constant contact with the owners. They have to collaborate with each other to improve performance. And, no third-party or a user should intervene in this behind-the-scene act as well.

That’s where Goibibo’s extranet comes into the play. An extranet itself gives limited access. But what I am talking about isn’t an ordinary extranet but a two-way XML API developed by Goibibo to help businesses collaborate with each other.

how ingoibibo works
how ingoibibo works

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Why One Should Use GoIbibo Extranet

Once they make use of the Goiboibo extranet, everything will be completely OTA (On The Air). The changes made by hotel owners in pricing and details will become visible real-time. It can also be used to control the availability. As this practice improves customer experience, hotels can expect a good increase in the revenue.

Goibibo itself is one of the biggest online hotel booking engines in India, and you can find information about hotels on their site. Once a hotel owner changes the data, it will apparently be seen on Goibibo’s website too.

Please contact Goibibo Customer Care For more information about in-Goibibo/goibibo extranet.

Some Additional Info

This platform saw the light three years ago, back in 2013. They chose AxisRoom as their first partner because at that time it was one of the best hotel infrastructure providing platforms in India.

Featues of InGoIbibo
Featues of InGoIbibo

The extranet helps hotel owners analyze their competition. Obviously, it will be helpful for the customers because, the higher the competition, the better the service quality will be.

As the updates become clearly visible real-time on AxisRoom and Goibibo, owners don’t make delay in service improvement anymore.

The API was developed by AxisRoom a while ago. So, they have been in this OTA field. The combination of latecomer Goibibo extranet and the XML API is what do the magic.

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As far as hotel owners are concerned, the increase in revenue doesn’t pull them back from using the extranet as well. Both the CEOs of Goibibo and AxisRoom talked positively about the extranet and API while they launch the same.

Wrapping Up

You have finished reading about this awesome extranet service now. If you are a hotel owner, you must seek the possibility of incorporating this into your business right away. And, see how it helps you increase the revenue. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media. Maybe, this will aid you in resolving a big chaos.

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Truth be told, there are comparatively low resources available about this topic on the web right now. And, that made me write an article on it.

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